The Twilight Saga

Do you like edward's hair cut or not. here are 2 pics of him one from twilight or new moon and one from eclipse. The first one  and the 4th one is from twilight. 2 and 3 are from eclipse. I like his hair better in twilight.


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absolutely YES!
I love his hair no matter how he wears it.
I agree too.
He will be the most beautiful vampire (human in the real life) no matter how he wears it.
I will always love him no matter what. <3
i like his hair better in twilight he looks cuteee
but of course he looks good in anything
Love it! :P x
I love edward's hair in all the pics. then again i love edward however he looks!!
but too answer the question his hair looks hotttest in twilight, i guess or maybe eclipse.
i cant tell which one his hair is better!! :)
no becausecould barley do his cool hair style
I'd have 2 say undecided. I like b4 nd now. He's super hot nd amazingly sexy know matter what. I love, love, love him.


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