The Twilight Saga

For Me.. I don't like it because Edward is not with Bella.Edward Cullen is just a background.I'm must prefer the other cover.. I'm just a little disappointed with the cover.. huhuhu...

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Sorry I haven't seen it.
No, don't like it..
it's great!!
its ok i guess i prefer the original book cover.
I like the orginal book cover
Haven't seen the cover
I prefer the original book cover.
No, I don't like the new, "New Moon" cover with Jacob and Bella together. I don't know how it's selling everywhere else, but Wall Mart, Target and K-mart in my neighborhood have sold very few of the books with the new cover and people are asking where they can purchase the book with the original cover.. Out of 100 of the books that Wall mart received they have only sold 7 books. How do I know, my sister is the store manager there.
they actually releaesed two covers i dont like it yes it reflects the book but it is grrrr its like jake is blocking bella from getting to edward in an arrogant way
I like the original cover
I like it but I prefer the one with edward


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