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I was just wondering how many Edward Cullen fans feel about Edward being with Bella. Please leave a comment on how you feel about this. :) I would enjoy to see your comments.

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i think that they are great together.

Thank you for your contribution

 I support Bella N Edward they made falling in Love look so easy. We all know its not but wishful thinking on my part. It is the best couple in hollywood. So YES for Kris N Rob  !!

Cool I wish falling in love was easy

I suppost they love cos really edwrad freaks me out-he sounds like my dad and a crap-not that my dad is creep and anyways i dont really care about bella cos she just plain,boring and i dont see why someone like edward or why all the boys chase after her.I am not just talking looks here  but she grumy,boring,annoying and if im being honest here,someone who maybe ,mrs meyes wants to be..

Cool. Yeah I Always thought why did Stephane Meyer a Marie-Sue that actually kills characters but it had reverse effect with Bella idk though

i support thier realationship and he is happy! plus who would be so evil then to split up soulmates?!

Crazy Fangirls. N thanks for your contribution. :)

I think Bella and Edward are great together.


I'll take Charlie though.  He's just the kind of man I want.  And I could handle being StepMom, and Grandma to Renessmee.

I  think  Edward and Bella are  perfect  for  each other  and I  support  them  totally.

I want Edward all to myself or be in Bella's place, both

i think edward and bella are good together


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