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I was just wondering how many Edward Cullen fans feel about Edward being with Bella. Please leave a comment on how you feel about this. :) I would enjoy to see your comments.

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I support Edward being with Bella. I just wish I was Bella, then Edward be all mine. IDC if im being greedy here its just the truth.

Yeah sometimes I wish that my love life would be like Bella's because she has a man that actually loves and care for her. Heck he will even kill himself just to protect her! However my feelings towards their relationship is that I'm in between cause I find them perfect for each other but then again sometimes I feel I just want to kick Bella out of twilight and have all to myself

BTW it's okay to be greedy at times

I really dont care. He seems happy with her and she seems happy with him Who am I to judge their relationship?

I'm not saying you had to judge their relationship. I just asked cause you know, you have them hardcore fangirls that's just crazy about him. Oh and also thanks for showing me your thoughts.

I actually like Bella more :)

I don't care how handsome Edward is or isn't I support their love :)


I LOVE that Edward is with Bella. They have the most wonderful relationship. Why mess with soulmates?

Cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I am very happy that Edward and Bella are together in real life and I wish them only the best out of life .

Aww that's very nice of you to them but I think Bell should stop turning down Robs proposal. It's starting to make me think something is really fishy

I support Edward with bella
I just wish I was Bella,I wish my life same with their love story

plus I Support Robert With Kristen too

I feel the same way Kristen just need to accept the proposal.


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