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Do you think book 2 of Breaking Dawn should have been from Edwards POV instead of Jacob?

I think it should have been Edward because it would have been a lot more interesting plus you would still get to hear what Jacob and everyone else was thinking since he can read minds.

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i was saying the same thing to my self.
Definitely Edwards, i just like edward better :p
I like it the way it was written.
No , It Shouldn't have been Edward 's point of view ; Because Jacob Has to be close enough Otherwise Edward can't read his mind .
i think it should have been edward but you wouldnt hear much in the birth scene however having to deal with the wolves is anoying jacob is good for book 2 as if it was edward you wouldnt find out that he imprinted on nessie untill bella does and who could stand that wait. anyway i think she is comleting midnight sun. and she surposed to be doign another book in the twilight saga
Edward knew about the imprinting before Bella so if it were in Edward's POV you would've known before Bella woke up. It's not like they really say anything about it  exactly until Jacob tells Bella anyways.
i would have really loved to read it....i wish it could happen...we would have got a chance to know edward more...
i totlly agree. and if it was half as good as midnight sun .....
I think the book was great in Jacobs... I am a HUGE Edward fan but I loved reading Jacobs view. Edward can only read Jacob and everyone elses minds if in close proximity so no we wouldn't have gotten all that information that Jacob provided for us. Edward was way to distraught to make a very good book 2. We would have gotten much sadder I believe if it would have been in Edwards view instead of Jacobs. Jacob view made us see Bella the way we did but it would have been much worse if it was coming from Edwards view.
I think both ways would be great. Im not a fan of Jacob either but in Breaking Dawn his character really develops and changes and his sense of humor is outstanding I think jacob is a totally different person with some of his old qualities still entact. He grows and matures very quickly because of having to make the decsion to break into his own pack he now had to take the role of responsible Alpha male. I love Midnite sun I think it really shows how much Edward is in love with Bella and his constant internal struggle to do the rite thing. Edward has already lived a long time and therefore has been able to grow and mature better than Jacob. I think Jacobs part brings a lighter side to a book that is full of dark stressful moments and helps readers cope with everything else thats happening in the story. Also you really shouldnt down Stephenie Myers for not finishing Midnite Sun how would you feel if someone took your trust for granted and plastered your hard work all over the internet? You would be very upset and hurt; you sure as hell wouldnt want to finish that work after that because this person made you feel like your work was pointless. Its ok Steph your true fans understand where you are coming from finish the book in your own time and whatever else you write in the process I will buy  because you are a fantastic writter no matter if its about Vampire or not!
I am kinda new here,so could you explaine to me about this book called Midnite Sun.I know nothing about this. I feel really stupid. Thanks. 
Thank u so much for clearing that up for me. I would also luv to hear Edwards POV. Was this a separate book or just an insert in BD like Jacobs and Bellas? I would just like to know what he was thinking when u saw the pain on his face. I hope we don't c alot of pain on his face in BD, because I just can't stand to c him hurting. He is a beautiful person in the story inside and out. 


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