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Do you think book 2 of Breaking Dawn should have been from Edwards POV instead of Jacob?

I think it should have been Edward because it would have been a lot more interesting plus you would still get to hear what Jacob and everyone else was thinking since he can read minds.

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Welcometo the site! This place is definitely the place to disscuss everything twilight! I love Midnite Sun I feel it really shows how deeply he loves Bella and his constant struggle to do the right thing! You can understand his reasons for leaving in New moon once you read this even though it takes place before new moon he is always trying to the do the right thing for Bella, it also make me feel like Bella takes Edwards love in Eclipse and spits it in his face I guess she doesnt realize how much it hurts him when she goes to jacob. Midnite Sun is a seperate book and you can go to stephenies website and read it. It is  a shame that it was leaked it would have been nice to see it finished but greatness is worth the wait!
and Stephenie Meyer has it on her website, so you can look there, too.

I think movie people got it right because at the end Jacob imprited on Bella's baby so they got it right and Jacob pov is more clearer.


Edward his would have been funnier and more fun
i would liked to have read a little more in Rosalie's POV to see what's going threw her mind and  how much she loaths Jacob during this time that he feels he has to be around and to see how things change so much between her and Bella. It would've been funny to know what she was thinking when she made that dog dish for Jacob.

Of course! But hope dies last and I wish that Stephenie does finish Midnight Sun and that Rob stars in the movie.

Maybe it could be like a precuel with what Edward lives before becoming a vampire and then his view of what happens -like a recap- of all 4 movies.


I think if they did a recap of the movies or a redo in the other Cullen's POVs it would make a great TV series. I'm sure the BIG names won't be in it but Kellan, Ashley, Jackson and Nikki would make a great show. 
Well, I'm hoping Stephenie finish Midnight sun soon, so we can find out evrything Edward's thinkin' about..
I heard she will finish it, but wants to wait til all of the movies are done and possibly until after the hype of Twilight dies down. Either way, it won't be out until Dec 2012. I don't see why she put out Bree Tanner instead of finishing Midnight Sun. I loved learning more about Emmett and Alice threw Edward's POV.
It should have been but then probably we would have shed loadzzz of tears reading his POV due to the pain he must have been feeling...And + we could also have known how the others felt about renesmee  and of corse how Rosalie felt every time Jacob cracked one of his blondie jokes..lolzz
I would loved to have read it in Edward's POV to know what he was thinking when he heard the baby thinking while it was still in Bella's belly.Wish I couldn've known what my babies where thinking when they were in my belly.
No I don't think it should but I would love to read Edward's thoughts on how he survived when he left Bella in new Moon.


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