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Do you think book 2 of Breaking Dawn should have been from Edwards POV instead of Jacob?

I think it should have been Edward because it would have been a lot more interesting plus you would still get to hear what Jacob and everyone else was thinking since he can read minds.

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I so think it should've been threw Edward's POV. I know Jacob was going threw some stuff but Edward was going threw so much more. His thoughts would've helped so much more than what Jacob was just thinking of him. I love the Twilight saga books, but SM doesn't seem to be the best judge of what's right to me. If she were she wouldn't have let MR destroy her stories with these stupid scripts she writes. It's like MR only reads the cliff's notes versions of the books.
Whos MR??
Melissa Rosenberg
Deff Edwards!.... I get really into his parts of the book...I think it would sell a lot more copies

i had the same idea! Edward's head seems just so interesting . but you have to think about it though breaking dawn could have been alot bigger this way because his head is so complex.

but yes part 2 should have belonged to edward. lets just hopes stephanie decides to publish mid night sun as im sure it would be a #1 selling book.   


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