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I read an article in Entertainment Weekly their attitude is totally eehhh. I totally love them all especialy Rob, but they are movie stars. I understand they want their privacy, but they are soooooo hot right now. This should be better for their fame n fortune. What do you think?

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me I think i would act the same. They deserve there privacy. Look at what happened in New York fans are crazy.
I would approach celebrity like them. Some fan's believe just because they purchase a $7 magazine or movie ticket that they know the person. In retrospect you don't know anyone you meet until you actually talk to that person. They are very reserved people. Especially Rob, they want their privacy and I respect that so should others.
Well stated.
It's hard to understand the cost of fame. I can't imagine getting mobbed outside my hotel room or apartment simply because of my job. While they are beautiful, and their livelihood depends on our acceptance of their work, I believe we need to draw a line and keep their private life private.
I actually think that the movie has changed ROb and Kristen. Kristen even said that she put a lot of herself into the movie and into the character that was Bella. I can only speak of the after because I really did not know much about them before The Twilight Saga. Does Kristen, Rob, and Taylor have a biography out?? I want to read them!!

I still think taylor is still to young to understand and that he does not have the mind set of an older man yet!!

But if I was in their shoes, I have always been the type to be completely humble in every way of my life!! SO, if I had become famous some how.... The only that I would change is the way I live, but not who I am!!

I don't think the movies have changed them except for making them more private. I don't blame them for feeling that they need privacy, after all, they can't step out their doors without flashbulbs and screaming fans (Rob especially).

I think they are actually being very smart about how they're handling things. If they did everything out there, press and opportunity wise, they would oversaturate the market and turn fans off of them due to the public being burned out on them. Also, they are trying hard to not be typecast in the future, so they have to think beyond Twilight, even though it's what is paving the way for them at the moment.

So I actually think they've all remained humble and are trying to handle the fame they best way they can for each of their given circumstances.
They've all been involved in the entertainment industry in one form or another since they were pre-teens. Kristen all her life. They arn't as green as many people think.
You're right, Kristen in particular has been acting for a long time.
But none of them have ever been involved with anything nearly as large or overwhelming as Twilight before, so maybe that makes a difference.
I don't believe their attitude is anything other than gratitude. There are those who are searching for ways to portray them as less than grateful and happy, but when their comments are weighed as a whole indicate they realize how fortunate they are and are quite grateful for the ride.


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