The Twilight Saga my opinion Robert wasn't the Edward I imagined.Just my opinion :) What do you guys think? If you agree with me, who do you think should have played Edward? Please leave a comment <3

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You were speaking about the hair and I have to say in all the movies Bella's hair drove me nuts. She could of put it back or did something with it that didn't make her so drawn out. But I do agree when I saw New Moon before Twlight I thought the acting on Kristen Stewarts part was really bad. You made me laugh at the turkey bacon comment because if you have seen the new EW magazine with Bella and Edward on it when they are interview Robert basically said some things about his character that I had to laugh out loud about. In so many nice words he says that he wants to smack him. Check it out it's funny.
Kristen's acting wasn't that bad in New Moon, she's much better in Eclipse now though. She doesn't twitch her eyes and stuff now which is good but she was always an amazing actor.
i think the movies shouldn't of been so serious, like they could of added a few funny parts and even when they did, they weren't funny. Also Edward in the first movie was like over the top mysterious he didnt ever seem happy. in the first movie, when Edward shows bella what he looks like in the sunlight it is like so weird, Idk. Thats just my opinion. i dont think it was the actors fault, i think it might of been the director or the screenplay writer. Oh and also to me Edward kinda seemed mean in the movie, well not really mean but he just seemed more intimidating then he should be. sadly i've only seen the first movie, so i dont know if the other movies get better. I really cant wait 2 see BD part 1 tho, im super excited! :D
But vampires are supposed be intimidating!
I totally agree with you! the part where he revealed himself in the sun, I hate that they made the 'sparkly' sound when he sparkled. I don't know it was just...cheesey I guess.
Ya I guess so...
I think he fits the role very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to me, he is fit when he is edward but when he is doing interviews and whatever,he just,not being mean,unattarctive.however the answer to your question is,yes he should have edward's role but kristern ,is whole other story! The girl can't act to save her life! ugh!

Finally! someone who agrees with me! I mean, she's pretty, don't get me wrong. But COME ON!
what are you talking about? Kristen is perfect for the role
I would have to agree with you TamTwight! Kristen understands Bella, that I think anyone else that tried to play her part would mess it up!
I don't think so, I personally think she's a terrible actress.


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