The Twilight Saga my opinion Robert wasn't the Edward I imagined.Just my opinion :) What do you guys think? If you agree with me, who do you think should have played Edward? Please leave a comment <3

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I actually found it online. I just googled him and also if you go to Pintrest there are many pictures of him. This is one of my favorites the other one that is my true favorite he is sitting in front of a painting that has a light house. I just love it.
I agree! but do you think it seemed more red in the Breaking Dawn pics??
I think Rob is perfect Edward. Mysterious, handsome, smart, a vibe from bad boys image but still careful.
robert pattinson is the perfect edward, but in my opinion the first movie kinda sucked. well anyway robert pattinson is totally hot :D
I think he is okay..... They should have made his hair more red!
I do think Rob fits the role of Edward Cullen. There's no more better Edward. Actually, he and Bella are a smart match, not only in the film, but in real life.

Rob is the perfect Edward in my opinion.  He plays the part beautifully and perfectly- totally gorgeous and breathtaking, dark and mysterious, possessive, protective and totally charismatic. His expressions- particularly of pain and longing when he is near Bella or kissing her is so real you feel totally for him- he is freakin awesome!!!  I can't imagine anybody else in that role!  Coincidently, a few months back, my sister and I had a go about the dude (sorry can't remember his name) in Vampire Diaries being way more gorgeous and "vampish" (seems a kinda good word here, can't think of another!!) and that he would have been a "better' Edward Cullen than Rob- I totally bludgeoned her of course.  Rob/Edward did top him in a vampire poll after all, didn't he!!   She had to give in:-)


pft that dude, i know who your talking about but don't know his name cause i don't watch vampire daries has nothing on Robert. I mean he's got it all. I TOTALLY agree with you that Robert plays the PERFECT Edward Cullen.
I think the first movie kinda sucked, the quality was bad. The acting on some parts were horrible, the makeup, the hair, ewwwwwww. But that's what I think, the rest of the movies have been amazing.

And I have mixed feelings for Rbert as Edward. He is perfect but at the same time I wanna slap him with turkey bacon.


 I think the make up, the hair, the wardrobe, the music and the mood of film were the best in the first movie.

Hmm, I was just not a fan Katherine Hardwikes (Sp) work on that movie, I thought it could have been 10000 times better, but she did amazing for most of the parts.
I really like Twilight but i kinda agree with you on the make up. In some seens you can see Edward's face pale white as he always is but then you see his ears and they are pink. I don't think vampires have pink ears, thats all i'm saying.


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