The Twilight Saga my opinion Robert wasn't the Edward I imagined.Just my opinion :) What do you guys think? If you agree with me, who do you think should have played Edward? Please leave a comment <3

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Yeah, I think so, but that may be because I knew he was gonna play Edward before I read the books. :)

But I think he plays the part well. Now Kristen Stewart, well, that's a whole other story.ugh!

I actually like that they chose Kristen to play the part of Bella.  She is pretty in her own way.  Like the girl next door or something.  And her awkwardness just makes it that much better for me.  I don't think I would have enjoyed the movies as much if they had chosen someone extremely beautiful and perfect.  I think Kristen and Robert look and act really good together.

I never said that she diddn't look the part. on the contray she's looks alot like how I envisioned Bella. And I never said that she was ugly, on the contrary I think she's very pretty. So Obviously it's not the looks that I'm talking about. It's the acting that matters.


Personally I think she's a terrible actress, one of the worst I've seen in a long time actually. She is the SAME in every movie she's done! the only movie she was half way decent in was 'The Runaways' and that's because her personality is alot like the woman she 'potrayed'. And even then, it doesn't matter what her personality is, it doesn't matter if she's an awkward person or not. The whole point of potraying a character in movies, TV shows,etc is BECOMING that person. that's why they call it ACTING. so I shouldn't see that awkwardness in a character that's not suppose to be awkward. She messes up the movies in my opinion.Moot point.

I didn't in any way say she was UGLY... I just think she plays the part well.  The awkwardness, I believe ties into the the way she is, yes there are some things that are different but for the most part I think she was an excellent choice.  I know it's called acting and I know what acting is, 2 of my uncles are producers, one in Cali and one in New York. I think she does an awesome job in this movie.  As far as the other movies, some were kind of plain, so I would have to agree with you on that.  However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in no way was I rude or trying to be, just posting my thoughts since this is a discussion.

I never said that you said she was ugly... I was agreeing with you..but You also kept pointing out that she looks good for the part, which is not the reason why I said I diddn't like her as Bella in the first place.

And I NEVER said or thought that you were being rude, I am fully aware that this is a discussion, just Like I am fully aware that you are entitled to your own opinion; I've been trying to tell people on this site that since day one.

But you telling me how awesome you believe kristen is, and me telling you how terrible I believe she is isn't going to get us anywhere. At the end of the day we're still going to think what we want to think, so it's really just a moot point.

I guess we both took one another the wrong way and agree to disagree.  And I agree with you that this a discussion based on everyone's opinion.  That is why I commented on yours so we could view each others opinion and compare and contrast.  So sorry if we got off to a bad start.  I am new to this whole site and have trying to figure out how it all works.
Oh no! I totally understand! Sorry if I sounded a bit rude, But it's like everyone-not you- practically rips my throat out because I don't like Kristen.
No I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion...That's why I said I wasn't trying to come off the wrong way.  Just liked to see your opinion and why you thought it versus mine that's all!  And like I said I do see where you are coming from with her other movies.  I also tried to start a discussion but I really don't know what I am doing lol and it's probably something that has already been talked about, but what did you think of the hair and make-up in Eclipse?  Personally I thought it was horrible...

Lol yeah starting discussions are hard, I can do it if you want :)

for eclipse I thought Rosalie,Emmett,esme,jasper,carlise,etc looked better than they did the first two! jasper especially;he looked REALLY

As for Bella; I think she looked best in New Moon, I mean there were times in Eclipse where it worked and she looked absolutely gorgeous. the same goes for Edward, At times like the fight scene,(between him and Victoria) and the proposal scene, he looked sooo good! but on scenes like the training with the wolves...that diddn't do it for me!lol

Jacob...well he looked good in every movie.haha

What d'you think about them specifically?

ok so I am totally replying in the wrong place, but it wouldn't let me down there.  As for the characters:  Rosalie...well the make-up (really on all of them) was just way to noticeable, I think they looked better in the first 2 films, also as for Rosalie's hair...yea it was pretty straight, but I felt like they changed her so much in Eclipse that it took away from her character a bit. ALL THE WIGS WERE VERY NOTICEABLE.  I mean what happened to extensions? lol! They totally have the money!  Mike's makeup was terrible you could see soooo much foundation on his face lol and Eric's look was way different to.  As for Esme, I liked her hair when it was lighter...In some parts of the movie you can see it lighter then in other parts its real dark.?..

I totally see what you're saying, The wigs were very noticable! But I think Rosalie looks best in either the 1st or 3rd one.

Now that you mention it; Mike's make up was horrible! it made it look like he was sweating. and Eric looked like a serial killer or something,very weird! I think Angela looked pretty though! But then again she's pretty every movie!

I see what you mean with the Esme thing...maybe vampires dye their hair?!

I do believe that Robert Pattinson fit the role of Edward Cullen. You cannot find a better Edward out there.


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