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Ok... I'm definetely a fan of the Twilight Saga books, but I wasn't so crazy about the first movie. I wanna know what other people are thinking... I feel like I could put half of the movie together just from previews, commercials, tv spots and you know the rest... Does anyone think it will be super disappointing or super awesome?? Rate it!! 1 being the worst movie EVERRR(which really isn't possible!! it's new moon for crying out loud!!) and 10 being the BEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF EVERNESS. :D :D :D

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yeaaaa i think that catherine hardwick was good...but i'm thinking chris weitz will be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!!! :D :D :D
Yes I do!
yea i hope!!!!!!! Soooooooooo
I love the series! I really liked the first movie, and I'm suprised that my DVD still works I've watched it so much. I definitely think that there could have been more effects done in Twilight to make it better, and that's what I am hoping for with New Moon on Friday. I hope that they had a lot more action and a lot more stunts, etc. I think that just because the previews have released a lot, I also think by them releasing a little more as each day goes is creating even more hype for the actual release. I am still totally stoaked to go! Without seeing it yet, I give it a 9 out or 10. It looks like it is going to be an awesome movie!!
it's nice to know that someone gave it over an 8.... =D i'm hoping you are RIGHT because my hopes are getting higher than i wanted to. i downloaded the official trailer onto my iPod touch... hmm maybe that wasn't the best idea...but it was FREE!!!!
I was really disapointed with how Twilight the movie turned out overall and would give that a 3/10.
I do believe that New Moon will be better so I will say a 7/10, from what I've seen on previews... but I we can't know until Friday morning:)
haha you must be going at midnight!! i can't...i'm going at 6' on friday (pm) =( ( ( ( *cries*


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