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Do you think that Stephanie Meyer should start a series on how Jacob and Renesmee's relation ship continues?

I shure do that would be sooo cool!

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yes it yes
It would definately be interesting. Maybe worth reading.
I've heard from somewhere that Stephenie is considering writing the next novel in the saga from Renesmee's perspective. I think she said that there where still problems that weren't resolved in Breaking Dawn. It would be a very interesting read, that's for sure.
Hey that's a GREAT news!!!
I think it's possible !! It'll be very interesting !
That wuld be AWEDOME!!!
I've been wondering this for a LONG time now.
wlound readthat but I still hate jacob he is not kool
I would read it and love it, probably, but I've had enough of Jacob. He's already been the main character and I would hate to have to continue reading about him as a main character. As a background character, fine, but not the main one. I would rather read a Leah continuation - she was just completely forgot about in Breaking Dawn after Renesmee was born. But, that's just me.
OMG completely agree!!!
you are totally right!
I think it would be a bit boring :S


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