The Twilight Saga

ok so twilight is amazing but now a new book is in town! FALLEN by lauren kate.I Mean the fallen books are amazing and im obsessed with them now:)



if you have read fallen then you will know what im on about.

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Nothing can be compared to Twilight xD i've started to read fallen but its kinda boring :L when i read it out i'll letchu know how twas :3 ^_^


i know the first book is kinda is slow but the second and the third will amaze you ,so don't give up just yet!

happy reading:)

the book you are talking about sounds intersting!

what is it about?

I've never even heard of a 'Fallen' so I highly doubt it....


try to read it because to be honest i think that you are kinda missing out;)

but on a serious note,you realy should!

I'll get to it! :)
I'll have to read Fallen and Mortal Instruments as I have been too busy writing my own book, Immortal Relations, which should be out in October from Amazon.


im sure you will enjoy it and i promise to give your book a chance once its out.

happy reading:)


its about a girl that dies every 17 years because of curse that was cast upon her for being in love with a fallen angel but really its more than that and just like twilight its complicated ,more complicated than twilight!

I havent read it yet.


you should definetly read it and i am sure you will enjoy it!


the books are:(so far)

fallen-first book

torment-second book

passion-third book

and the forth is to came out next year around april.

oh and they are by the amazing lauren kate.


gonna read it as soon as i can and yeah fallen is awesome!


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