The Twilight Saga

ok so twilight is amazing but now a new book is in town! FALLEN by lauren kate.I Mean the fallen books are amazing and im obsessed with them now:)



if you have read fallen then you will know what im on about.

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Shiver by maggie stiefvater is also a really good book



i like the name of the book and it sounds like my kind of book but what is it about?

I like Fallen (I read only first book so far) but it did not arise such emotions as Twilight. [Sorry my poor English.]


yes ,the first book doesn't really get you in but the second and third book is amazing! Don't give up yet!

I read those books , and they were , a m a z i n g ! i Loved them ! but , nothing can be compared to twilight . cant wait till the fourth book , rapture , comes out(:


i know what you mean! and oh did you know disney is making a movie of it!!!!!!!!!??????????

i just hope that it doesn't up like twilight where the movies aren't that great or disney makes it too childish!



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