The Twilight Saga

i dream of him i think about him more than i do anythink esle he is so fit i am even getting tickets to go to houston texas to see the twlight convention over my birthday next year to see him hopfuly does any one else feel that they may need help lmao

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Yeah I feel the same
good to know some1 else does lol
i feel the same but i have no intention of stopping!!!lol
You can not like someone you have never met...yes I agree he is very good looking but it is impossible to "like"someone if you have never had a conversation with them its just a crush.
i think your right its more and obsesion but as long as no-one is getting hurt who really cares
Oh yes!! I am grossly obsessed!!
i am trully obsessed he is the closet thing to edward we have so many similarities to be alone with rob and a piano for just a n hour omg wow
yeah ifeel the same
Me too i'm Robsessed! :D
hell yea...i love guys with accents so his just makes him ten times hotter


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