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does any1 know why  rob ddnt win male hotie in the teen choice awards??????????????/

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i know i was mad about that and because the kids didnt vote him the hotsest i certanly think he is !
omg me agree i saw nd me waz pizzed of me voted every day all talor to win :(
obviously taylor got everyone he knew to vote for him and all the other contestants were jealous so got their family and friends to vote for anyone but Rob.

We all know hes the hottest and he doesnt need some naff surf board to know this ;)
We know the truth and its out there ...............Its Mr Pattinson :)
Robert did win best male actor which shows just how much he is loved by all! Well done to Eclipse for winning best movie!!!
Sure does - it is addictive. I watch Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse at least once a week. I skip to the best parts in each movie and then it takes me about an hour and a half to watch scenes of all 3 movies. Now that is a Twilight addict talking ... LOL
...because he is not HOT and Taylor is.
I do believe that. Seriously look at RPatz without your Edward goggles on. He is not good looking. There is a reason why he was a struggling model. I love the twilight books and RPatz is not Edward material.
I know!! I voted for Rob like a million times!!!
maybe because it was New Moon and the main stars for New Moon is Taylor and Kristen... so maybe that's why Taylor won... and the same as the best actor... since the story was Jacob and Bella...
but don't worry, Rob won the best actor of the summer... in Eclipse!! :D
he didnt win???!!!

so who win???
Robert is way better than Taylor...
Team ROBERT!!!
i dont know but he did win best drama actor and he totaly deserved that, he does his role so perfect, as edward cullen, and his role is like the hardest, its even harder than taylours and kristens, seriously he does it to perfection like if he really was edward!
but guys face it if robert didnt win taylour would be best for second choice, i cannot say anything against anyone of them because i still cant deside between taylor/jacob and robert/edward. just saying.


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