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I have an idea, but I would like to hear other suggestions to why this may be. 

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yeah she can see whats going to happen and they can all get jobs and probably be perfect at them at any time
Yeah and probably for another reason too...which is its because they didnt really need to buy the human daily things like food and stuff like that because they dont need it alot...I agree more with TEAM 3DWARD17 though.
stock market...I like that. lol
All of this answer (by Team 3Edward17) is a correct! Stephenie Meyer had hinted to this point... Alice seeing "new market trends." Plus hundreds of years of accumulation (no one would dare steal from them, ha.)
i agree with this.
you're right. she mentions that in one of the books about having a sister who has knowledge of trends in the stock market or something like that.
Beacause Carlisle has been a docter for like, 200 years and docters make a lot of money, so he saved that money up for all that time and now he has tons of it.
That was what i was thinking, because Carlisle is a great doctor, he's bound to make lots of money, and also, because Carlisle was with the Volturi, he probably got some of those jewels, like the one Aro sent to Bella in Breaking Dawn.
It says in one of the books i can't remeber that money ecumulated over time and also when you have a sister then can predict trends in the stock market.
After you have lived and worked for hundreds of years, and had really good jobs, and made good investments, etc, hell, you would have alot of money as well...if you live and work for 300+ years
Didnt in Eclipse I believe that Edward said he had like 2 or 3 doctorates, but doesnt practice medicine like carlisle still does
well forks doesn't necessarily pay a lot... considering it's a small town....


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