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Does Anyone Know if Breaking Dawn Is Definitely To Be Shot In Two Movies???

I read this somewhere here.

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i think it's still in discussion...studios and producers really want it to be 2 movies, i'm not sure about the cast...
it would be the best if they do it that way there`s too much info better if they maake it in three i just feel sometimes in the movie are some things missing!!!
i know right its like 3 books in one but i think spliting in two is worth it, though i could sit though an watch 5 hrs of it
I agree with you. I could also sit through a 5 hour movie. Thanks for everyone's replies.
i sat and slpet over 1 week to read the books and still was'nt enough for me, i just need mooore of them!!!!
well i mean they can always make it how they did lord of the rings..... those movies are pretty long but you can always get the extended version and watch it with nothing missing so if they want to make it into one movie it is possile.


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