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Hi everybody! Hmmm .. Is there really a movie midnight sun ?

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No, the only movie is twilight
that right nummer 1
Nope just the partial book. Which maybe one day it will be fully written.

hopfully it will get finished


it is a really good book

midnight sun book is based from edward's point of view...its part of twilight but i very much doubt there would be a movie made out of it
yes that is true Mary but there's already 4 Twilight movies and well Robert is getting older so .... I don't know?

it wouldnt be that hard 2 get him to look the right age

hes all ready 24 and hes acting as a 17 year old vampire i dont think it matters the age really as long as its the right acting
if the people that where close to stephanie meyer hadn't put part of it on the internet it might already be done but she has said she doesn't know if she will write it now. It was going to be from Edward's point of view and we would hhave found out all the heck he went thru. She may still publish. I hope she does
yeah.I hope twilight will never end
Ive read the draft on her website & its great, it really puts Edward into perspective, what he's thinking & why he reacts to Bella the way that he does...I cant wait for the book to be finished, which Stephenie has said she would on her website...then hope it get made into a move would be even better!


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