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Hi everybody! Hmmm .. Is there really a movie midnight sun ?

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i just hope she keeps writting books even if twilight serios ends ,i just want read her book.i read the twilight seriois including bree tanner and the host.has written any more books?
No, but it needs to be. It would be great with the other saga movies.
NOOOOOO there is an unpublished and unfineshed book called Mdnight sun that is Edwards P.O.V.
Yes. Hate to tell you. Don't know if Stephanie will finish it either cause of the people that had the advance copies put it on the net. Don't know now if it will ever be published now.
If she doesn't finish it I and many more will be devastated. I read the first chapter online (which Stephenie released) online and it was fantastic! I love Edward Cullen so this would be a dream come true for Team Edward fans!

Stephenie also posted a 200+ page 4th draft on her is fantastic!!

I ioe she does get around to finishing it, but I doubt it will get made into a movie as the actors will look much older than ion the original twilight

It's really good the whole thing. I hope she does get a chance to it will be great.
I have read everything that she has posted so far and love it. Hopefully she will finish it so that it can be put into a book or ebook or what ever. Waiting for more to be written. It is so unfair that these people ruined something so good. I hope that she does finish cause Rob is great playing Edward and maybe they can make it into a movie with him and Kristen. Does anyone know if they got married? Rob and Kristen? Seen him at the awards but alone. Just wandering if anyone has heard
midnight sun is not a movie, its a book through edwards eyes
not a book yet. she has put it on her web site but not in book format yet. waiting for it to happen
It depends. Stephenie Meyer felt her privacy invaded, so she stopped making the book. Ofcourse, we can read 12 chapters on the internet. It would be a great movie in my perspective. That's why she didn't, some idiot posted it on the internet! The movie wouldn't even come out soon, even if the book did come out. Example: Twilight Book Release- (2005), Twilight Movie Release- (2008). So, it would take more or less 2-3 years for it to come out in a movie.
Well maybe yeah because stephenie said that edward would have a point of view, so there should be a movie about it.


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