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Hi everybody! Hmmm .. Is there really a movie midnight sun ?

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it's just a book no movie......'cause if there is it will be pretty boring although it's edward's point of view....

midnight sun is set in the same time span as twilight - Robert Pattinson read this so he could understand Edwards point of view for filming twilight. I just hope that Stephenie finishes the book coz I think its great, Edward has much more depth & passion than what is protrayed in twilight

I'm not sure where Stephanie was, but I saw a video on YouTube a few days ago, where she was talking about finishing the book. The interview was from a few weeks ago. She said that she is going to finish her work on The Host movie and then get back to finishing Midnight Sun. She didn't say when it would be finished, just that she would be finishing it eventually. 


This is a direct quote from her webmaster for her website: 

June 2008 Update: In response to the outrageous number of emails that I have received with questions concerning Midnight Sun, I talked to Stephenie this weekend and she asked me to let everyone know that Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published. And, after Breaking Dawn comes out, Stephenie will have much more time to focus on writing Midnight Sun.


I can't wait for Midnight Sun either. It would be nice to know exactly what goes through Edward's head through each of the books. Although I'm not sure if Midnight Sun will go through the 4 Twilight Saga books, or if it will just be the first book. It will be interesting to see the final result. :-)

i hope that someday midnight sun will be in movies after it's been published in book...


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