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So how excited are we? Just a couple of days away now. Tell me how excited you guys are and which part of it is exciting you the most. =)

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OMG!!! you just don't know! i'm seriously about to die just waiting! i'm excited for everything! but i have to say that from the trailers and clips released, it seems as if Edward and Bella are gonna have some arguments or something. idk.. we'll just have to see.. EXCITED!
I can't wait!!! I have to try to distract myself all the time with other things because when i think about Eclipse, i get really crazy..xD I am most looking forward to the part when Bella tries to seduce Edward xDD And also the big fight because (SPOILER) Jacob gets hurt..i know I'm mean...haha
so excited!! my husband keeps trying to show me new videos in you tube, but i keep resisting!!! Wednesday is not so far, or is it????!!! Anyway, i can't wait for the scene where Bella is crying all night in Edward's arms about Jacob and the next morning where they say to it's other quotes from "Weathering Heights" and finally Bella assures him that he is the one!!!! I hope they didn't change much from that part of the book, i cry so much everytime i read it
I'm going to the midnight showing of Eclipse...It's going to be so amazing. I almost cry every time I see a preview I get so excited. lol. I really can't wait to see the tent scene. That's my favorite part in the book. I love the tension and competition between the boys.
Super excited for next week!! already have my tickets. im actually missing work lol! the movie threater im going two is showing the first 2 movies then Eclipse. its going to be a very very wonderful night!!
Its also the same in Belgium XD Here its the 30th of Juin ^^
Mallory...I took a vacation day too! Work will have to wait!!! LOL!!!
Very very very .... very excited! :)
I can't wait.
I count the days every morning and every day I'm closer.
I watched all the trailers, clips, behind the scenes, i've listed and I'm still listening all the songs that will play in the movie.
I'm extra excited. :D
And I can't wait to see the proposal.
I can't wait to see the movie. <3
your so lucky for eclipse to be out on the 30th in america : / its out here on the 9th but i think im getting tickets for one of the previews on the 3rd at midnight :) should be so much fun and i am SO excited!!!! wooooop! :P xxxx
sooooooooooooo excited!!!!! everytime i see the previews i get chills because i am
sooo excited!!! i cant wait!! i am going at midnight and i cant concetrate on anything else!!
It's just a couple days now. From everything I've heard it's going to be AMAZING!


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