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Heyy everyone the Eclipse dvd came out yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! I went out and bought my special edition target copy bright and early. Anyone go at midnight? Post your favorite quotes from the movie!


Jacob-I kissed Bella, and she broke her hand....punching my face.





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I went to the Walmart midnight one and got my copy and then ended up going to Target and buying the one from Target because I wanted the pictures so I returned the other one. Our Target was not open at midnight but at least I got mine the second it came out. Favorite quote from Eclipse.

Emmet to Bella- Were you walking and trying to chew gum then Bella I punch a vampire Emmet bad ass.
I didn't go at midnight, nor did I get my DVD at Target XD But I still got it, and that's all that matters. The special features on the DVD are amazing, btw!

Favorite quotes from the movie? Hmmm...

Edward: (talking to Jacob) "You're smell, however, is revolting."
Jacob: "Dude, you do not want to start comparing stinks."

Haha, I love that! Never gets old.


Alice: "I've decided to throw a party!"
Jasper: "After all, how many times do we graduate high school?"
Edward: *grins*
Edward: Another party, Alice?
Alice: It'll be fun!
Bella: Yeah, that's what you said last time.
Alice: ...


Edward building up to propose to Bella:
"I’m from a different era. Things were a lot less complicated. And if I would’ve met you back then, I would’ve courted you. Would’ve taken chaperone strolls, and ice tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two, but, only after asking your fathers permission, I would have gotten down on one knee, and I would’ve presented you with a ring." *pulls out ring*

I thought that was an adorable build-up, and I love his voice. ♥
When is the first quote you mentioned said in the movie?
Sorry I will answer it is when they are in the field and Jacob is about to take Bella for the first time through the forest when she finds out he was the chief and turned it down.
Oh,how is it possible that I missed noticing that! I will watch the movie again now. Thanks for telling me:)
Yeah, it's when Edward, Bella, and Jasper meet up with Jacob to test out if his scent is strong enough to cover up Bella's.
I got the special FYE double dvd!

Favorite Quote well one of them:
Edward: You'll still be my Bella, just less fragile.
i've been asking my mum for ages to get it and i've just figured out why she hasn't yet. she wanted to wait till christmas and i was like noooooooo, its tooo long to wait. if i wasn't a obsessed twilight fan i'd be ok with that but i really can't wait that long. and then she was like, ok ok i'll get it for you tomorrow.

fav eclipse quote:
bella: i punched a werewolf in the face. emmet: bad ass
My favorite quote as well. Hope you get your movie soon.I have already watched mine and will probably watch again tonight.
"wish bella would call" "wish bella wouldnt call" "maybe i should call bella" "maybe i should call bella and hang up" that one is one of my fave lines from the movie i started cracking up
LOL I laugh when I hear this too. Pretty sure the more I read the quotes the more I am going to watch it again tonight.
luvvvvvv it


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