The Twilight Saga

As many of you have probably already seen Wrigley's Eclipse brand gum is doing a promotion for the Twilight Saga Eclipse movie. Each specially marked pack comes with a code that unlocks behind the scenes footage. I bought a pack and was dissapointed. There are 5 codes and you only get one per pack (unless you buy that big "e" pack you get all 5) so my friends and I each bought a pack and exchanged codes. Here they are:


Villians: V3HR J7BT

Cullens: E2CK R7PX

Love Triangle: T3EB M9AP

Wolf Pack: J3WL X7NE

Bella: B9TX J3PF


Here are the directions:


1. Go to


2. Enter the code


3. It will ask you to allow access to your webcam (if you have one) Click "deny" because it will ask you to hold up your pack of gum to it. I do not understand why they did this because once you click "deny" it brings you right to the same video. I did it for the first code and it kinda freaked me out because the webcam WOULDN"T turn off the whole time and all I can think is "some freak is watching me" which is just me being paranoid but still.

P.S. if you do not have a webcam then it should just start

4. enjoy video :)

The whole promotion expires 3/31/11

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Ghaha xD 

Thank You for the codes ;P 

thanks! ;D
Here is another cullen code. C7PX E2RK
thanks for the codes entering now
Your Welcome!!!!
I have done them all but I did notice that alot of them are clips that are at the end of the movie as well. But I think that it's cool that they give people the option to go on there. However I did not know about the deny button on there I did the webcam thing everytime. But now that scares me that maybe mine was still turned on. I'm like you I get really freaked out about that.
Haaah. I mean i'm probably just being paranoid but just in case i threw my jacket over my webcam hahaha
okay at a time like this i would reeeaaalllly like a "like" button to click on comments haha so here LIKE
thankyou so much :D


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