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So SM her self complained that the movie Eclipse showed too much about Victoria and the newborns than the love triangle that Bella was in.

I honestly cant agree with her more. If they showed how much more of a struggle Bella was going through with her decision making process the conversation with Jacob would have been more of a tear jerker. The scene where Bella is talking to Angela was deleted but it would have been the best scene to show Edward and Jacob struggle they are going through.


What do you think is SM right should they have left Victoria and the Newborns out of most of the movie.

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I am with you Robin. There was not enough love shown between Bella and Edward. After New Moon when Edward left her, he was all over her in Eclipse . He didn't want to be apart from her.
I just wish they would show how much Bella loves Edward in the movies as Stephenie wrote in the books. I could see her almost fainting every time see looked in Edwards eyes. Bella says that she saved looking in his eyes for last because she could not go past them to see the rest of him.

Edward is gorgeous and if I was in Bella's place I'd probably would act the same way.  I agree with you that the movie should have shown more of Bella's love for Edward.

well they have a new director and he is going more for a darker side of things so thats why thir was less love triangle and more new borns
Even tho most of you say no you dont think they messed it up, but you still put your input on what they should have done so technically you think they messed up but dont want to admit it because you like twilight. I will love twilight til the day I die but they still should have showed the love triangle more in Eclipse.
they should so ill idmitit they messed it becuse of the director becuse of his need for the darker side of twilight wich i hate becuse of him i want more details on the romance then new borns
Yeah...My love for twilight will not make me admit that they messed up............. but that there were certain scenes that could have been done differently and some scenes added. These things have in no way stopped me from still watching my Eclipse movie that I got for Christmas........But I did want to see more of the love triangle.  Twilight is the start of love. New Moon is the heartbreak. Eclipse is the triangle and Breaking Dawn is the resolving of heartbreaks and a "new love" for Jacob.
I dont know how people can fully experience the story of all 3 films when they have not read the book as i find the films too condensed.  I hope breaking dawn goes into more detail and they should with there being 2 parts to it...
they said it will be just like the book full details and all so lets hope they do that

If Breaking Dawn is going to be more like the book, then why is there a nine year old playing the part of the  baby?  That doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Its movie magic they doing that so that it can show the progression of age, they have body doubles they are using for when she is younger but the 9 yr old will be the face of Nessie
If you remember.... the baby Nessie is growing rapidly... she may be a baby but she is also has the body of an older child...


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