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So SM her self complained that the movie Eclipse showed too much about Victoria and the newborns than the love triangle that Bella was in.

I honestly cant agree with her more. If they showed how much more of a struggle Bella was going through with her decision making process the conversation with Jacob would have been more of a tear jerker. The scene where Bella is talking to Angela was deleted but it would have been the best scene to show Edward and Jacob struggle they are going through.


What do you think is SM right should they have left Victoria and the Newborns out of most of the movie.

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No. I did like the fact that they showed the newborns, although a few scenes could have been omitted. By showing the newborns we saw the threat that was coming BUT they steered too much away from the book to make this movie the "action" movie. Character lines were switched and scenes were too rushed and condensed to get to the finale.
they shortened way to many scenes......
I agree way to rushed, showed some things that they really did not need to and they could have slowed it down.  Maybe have made 2 movied for Eclipse, like they are going to do with Breaking Dawn.  That way maybe we wouldn't have to wait til November to see BD!
No, having the scenes of Victoria and Bree and newborns made the movie a lot of sense.... but I do agree... they showed them too much often than Bella, Edward and Jacob.  I think they did a good job with the movie, but I do think they should have shown more emotional confusion and anger and among others between Edward, Jacob, Bella.... Jacob trying to make Bella choose.... etc etc.... but it was a good movie.... Eclipse is my favorite book and I am so looking forward to Breaking Dawn.... THEY BETTER NOT MESS THAT ONE UP AT ALL!!!!!!!!!  ;)
I would have liked the scene's of the love triangle not so rushed. Like how they did with Rose's and Jasper's back stories, those were not rushed at all{they told a story and not just a scene}. But a lot of the NB and romantic scenes were way to rushed and shortened, or just not there at all. Twilight remains my favroite movie out of them all so far. So much more authentic heart went into that movie than the following 2, IMO. But the proposal scene is my favorite scene right there with the whole movie Twilight.
Certain events they pushed on us. Leah and Seth being werewoves instead of finding out when it was time for fight training. Edward proposing the compromise in the opening scene instead of Bella proposing the compromise. The movie was a condensed version of the book. But I still love the movie.
I did like the scenes but I also think not just Eclipse but the other movies as well they could of put more of the book in there and I'm praying that BD they stay really true to the book but with some of the pictures that I have seen to be honest I think they add more in there then they need to.

I liked the newborn/Riley/Victoria scenes. That might be partly because I also really liked The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and I enjoyed seeing that part of the story brought to life a little. The first two movies could have used different view points. I honestly don't like any movie being from just one perspective throughout the entire thing. You need a small break from the main character once in a while to know what's happening beyond her/him, so it deepens the plot of the story. And I liked it anyway. :D


Although, I also think that they did a poor job portraying all the struggles that went on with the love triangle. I understand the film has a time limit, and the director had a huge cast of characters that each have their own individual story, but Bella just seems so flaky and uninterested (in my opinion) in the movie compared to the book. (My mom hadn't read the books yet when I made her watch the movie, and she said, "I'm confused. Why doesn't Bella love the vampire anymore? Actually, she seems angry with him all the time...except when she wants some. ...And why are we supposed to sympathize with the werewolf again? No offense, honey, but this isn't the love story I signed up for." ... -_- It was pretty bad.)


What I really think is the problem is that they need to expand the length of the movie, even by just a little. That would make a big, better difference.

Have you seen how many Razzie nominations did Eclipse get?
I Think that they showed too much of Riley and Victoria making out than how much Bella is in love with Edward. In the books she stares at Edward all the time because she is amazed by his beauty and she catches herself holding her breath when she is kissing him and almost passing out. We never saw that passion in any of the movies. I can't wait to see BD and see Edward happy for a change at least in the beginning and at the end.
I soo agree with you its  Bella & Edward's love story but it still seems like they focused on Victoria & Riley way too much. A glimpse of what Victoria & Riley were doing would have been fine and they could left out the Voultri. It kind of seems like they were tryin to help those who haven't read the book to understand whats going but it still would have made sense if they would have left that out. The title is Eclipse, Bella will always block out the sun for the moon.
No, I like the fact that they showed alot of Victoria and the newborns. They could have put more of the love triangle with bella, jacob, and edward in it. They also left out alot of the conversations with her friends too. I hope they get Breaking Dawn right. If they don't I will be mad. Thats my favorite book out of the whole saga.


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