The Twilight Saga

I'll probably watch it with my friends who loves twilight too.. I'll watch it exactly june30. LOL in IMAX so the scenes would be better.! :) Can't wait for it! YEE!

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heya i from the Isle fo Man and we have to wait till the 9th JULY!!! soooo not fair
haha. aww... you'll be 9 days late. :D
yea! IMAX would be great! :D
first time it will be by myself!!!! i do not want any interaptions or discussions during the film.. i want to be totally concentrated
Youre concentrating on ECLIPSE ehh. :D
I will be at the Trillium Imax Theater on June 29th at 9 pm with my bestfriend. we're making shirts and everything!
i just bought my tickets two days ago!!!
I'm team Edward and she's team Jacob (i know, its crazy we're bestfriends lol)
cant wait to see it! :]]
We are going to see it on June 30th. I am getting the tickets tomorrow. I am going with my sister (I am team Edward and my sister is team Jacob LOL)....
it is not fair! I need to wait until 2nd July in Malaysia... but i will watch it properly after week to avoid the crowded and the ticket will more cheaper then the primere.
Let's all watch ECLIPSE at IMAX! yeeepeee! :D
i think ill watch it with my mum hehe cause shes a massive fan of twilight too as well as me buts shes on both teams edward and jacob team but im just on edward so yeah its coming out in australia on july 1 so where seeing it then hehe
i was going to go with my friend but found out she wasn't going to be here for the premier of the movie
i probably will go with my mom and do the same thing e did with new moon
I'm going with my Mom, sister and Dad to see it..but I'm sure my dad might fall asleep xD
We're gonna be in Foxboro, Massachusetts that day, so we're going to the big movie theater next to the New England Patriots stadium at midnight! I wonder how early we should leave..about 3 or 4 hours maybe, just in case :)


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