The Twilight Saga

I'll probably watch it with my friends who loves twilight too.. I'll watch it exactly june30. LOL in IMAX so the scenes would be better.! :) Can't wait for it! YEE!

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ohh so nice. huh. goodluck. :)
im gonna watch waaayyy later, after 15th July cuz of my exams :( really cant wait for it!
I'm stuck with seeing it with my mom instead of my best friends...but the good thing is I'll try to catch up to my friends after the movie!!! IMAX!!!
comes out in australia on the 1st of july which is TOMORROW
soooooooooooooooooooo excited
i'm going with my whole family
my two brothers because they want to see it
my mum because she's a massive fan of twilight
and my dad because my mum is making him go haha
by the way
i havent really found anyone at my new school thats a saga fan so i'm pretty cool with just my family going\

and after i've seen it i'm gonna go see it again, and again, and again, and again, untill my mum finds out she can't pay for anymore movie tickets hehe
Ohhhh. :)


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