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I was really excited to watch Eclipse (who doesn't!!)... but after spending 2 hours in the cinema watching it, i felt like there's something missing. Maybe because they had to compressed all the scenes in the book to fit them into a movie.. In that case, i guess it would have been more satisfying if it's a 3-hour movie..... What do you think??? ;)

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true, but they should all be much longer!
I agree completely, they do it with all books that are made into movies, they have to cut out
A lot of the character development and day to day rituals, otherwise the movie would be at least
6 or 7 hours Long, personally I would sit through it and watch them all if they were 7 hours
Long it would give the movie the same emotional depth that the books could make us feel.
i agree, soo much!
yea i totally agree to this..! it wasn't fair at all! they cutted out too many scenes :'(
yes, and not only that, they didn't only cut to much scenes, but also very good scenes.. I hop that the breaking dawn movies are going to be better, dou anybady have an idea how they are gonna call them, cause there gonna be two 'breaking dawn' movies, one at 2011 and one at 2012..

Felt the same way, it shjould have been longer and would have been more satisfying, it ended as if the last 15 min had been compressed. the graduation scene was shorter also, but i still loved it Edward was yummy as ever xx
They should be much longer.. I could definitely sit through it <3
totally agree with you.. at least the dvd could be extended, you know like THE LORD OF THE RINGS, 45 minutes more in each movie, that was great!!! Summit should do it for the SAGA also.
Yeah!!!, i think the same!!! something missing anyway i love the movie it was GREAT!!


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