The Twilight Saga

Okay, so I've been working on this story for like a year now, and I'm going to get an actual copy, for me personally. And I realize it has a TON of errors. Not so much gramical errors because it automatically fixes it but it has a bunch of other errors!!! So all I need is someone who would be willing to go through and try and fix all of them :) Thanks SO much

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my friend on fanfic whos name is also zendaya likes doing that kind of stuff for people. you can google her, zendayataylor or marrie-cullen6166 and there will be a way to contact her through one of her sites. I'm sure she'd love to help u. if u see a girl with red hair and light eyes thats her :) hope this helps

Thanks I'll try to find her!!! But if you can, will you ask her to send me a message on this website, or as the cite owner?? Thanks a bunch, I'm sure it'll help :)

Okay, She'll message you as soon as she gets registered on the site :)

Okay!! Thanks a Bunch!!!


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