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Ok ever since I have read the twilight saga (All of it) When a guys would ever ask me out I would say thinks like "Do you sparkle in the sun light, no so get lost." or "is your name Edward no, then go jump of a cliff." or my most favorite "I'm sorry I'm reserved only for vampires, are you one, no then run along you little HUMAN" So yeah I am a 100% Twilight fan. I love Edward! Go team Edward!

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hahahahaha that is funny!!! I guess all standards were raised huh??? All human men are at a loss. Same here I guess that after reading about how perfect Edward is, it is a little too hard to settle for anything less...
Perhaps next lifetime we'll be a little luckier and find our Edward...
Wowwww, you, girls, are great !! It is time for us to raise the standards !!!
GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!
I knoow! It's not even about he is a vampire! I just want a Edward for myself! and if he's a vampire EVEN BETTER! seems more fuun! xd
Ofcourse no human male can be the greatness that is Edward Cullen
lmao..that's cute..
I feel the Same like you do, IT CALLED O.E.C.D Obsessive. Edward. Cullen. Disorder..**SIGH**
lol I think imma have to use that line on guys now


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