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Ok, now how many of you are freaking out about seeing Edward Bare chested in New Moon??? i personally wish he would shoot the whole movie like that!!!!

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hahaha yeah I understand what you mean!!!! but they need people watching the movie not hyperventilating in the theater!!!lol!!! I know my self and I would be one of them!!!! 911 would have call reinforcement to help all the girls in the theaters across the U.S.
lol i know
hahaha in Portugal too!!!lol!!
i couldn't have said it better myself
meeeee tooooooooooooo
ummmmmmmm is tht a trick question? ummmmmmm meeeeeeeeee of course
I know he should huh that would be awesome.
me too
ahhh!!! I wish I can lay on him and just snuggle like Bella does!!! lol
Yip, Edward shirtless...


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