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If you were Edward, would you like Jacob to be your son-in-law? Why?

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no . .
no way that wouldnt be good at all.
Hey! There's no reason to talk like that!
I would be freaked out that my past rival was now going to be my son, and I'd be angry that he fell for my baby while she was still a baby, but Jacob's such a good guy, that I don't think Edward would be angry for TOO long(I'm talking about in vampire years lol)
I think Edward sorta accepted him for Renesmee.

Remember when they sent Jacob & Renesmee away... Edward said "“Goodbye, Jacob, my brother… my son.”
If I were Edward, I would want what ever or who ever made my daughter happy. If that turned out to be Jacob, I would deal with it. But his mother might not *giggles* I also know that Jacob has some competition, which is always a good thing.
Well. Yes and No. Part of it is a little creepy since he would have kissed my girlfriend who is now my wife, Bella.
Then part of it would be great because I would know that the love he had for my daughter would never allow him to be anything other than what my daughter needed. I guess if I was 90+ years old like Edward you would gain a lot of wisdom in that time and I would probably definitely want him as a husband to my daughter. Plus I would be able to always read his mind and his thoughts would have to be whatever was best for my daugther or it would be " ON"' you know. anyway this is all coming from a girl's perspective. hahahah.


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