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If you were Edward, would you like Jacob to be your son-in-law? Why?

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- Because he wouldn't be after my love anymore, and because I know he would do anything and everything to keep Renesmee (Nessie) safe.
I would say no.

Because think about the way Edward hated it for Bella to see Jacob, now he has to agree to let his daughter and Jacob spend their lives together.
He hated it because he wanted to bang Bella himself! He doesn't want to do so with Renesmee she's an abomination.
Yes he's a good guy.
yes he is just as devoted to renesmee as edward is to bella nessie will never want for anything he will be her best friend when she needs and another protector it is like jacob was created just for nessie she will be the most loved and adored and protected little half vampire in exsistence
yes, she will be one spoiled lil brat... kidding ^o^

but,,, I totally agree w/ you :-)
He's a good guy, once you get to know him... and he's not angry. It seems difficult to talk to a big wolf all, but I guess mind reading helps! After all, Renesmee/Nessie is his imprint. It's not fair to keep him from her. And she needs a protector besides Bella and Edward, and of course, the rest of the Cullens.
Yes, he loves Renesmee in the same way that Edward loves Bella! He will always put her needs and wants before anyone or anything! Who wouldn't want that for their own daughter!?!?!?!?! I know I would want that type of unconditional for my 2 daughters!!
maybe it is ok....

Because at first Edward consider already Jacob as a brother.. then later Jacob imprinted Nessie and Edward wants only Nessie to be happy so he have no choice at all..

Jacob is a nice person... so why not??

Yes, because Jacob is a good guy. Edward knows how Jacob cares about his friends. And Jacob would also be like that to Edward's daughter. And the animosity between Edward and Jacob is mostly because of jealousy. Now that Jacob already found the one for him, jealousy will no longer be a factor to hinder a good friendship between Edward and Jacob.
NO, i would be SOOO pissed
k first he wants bella
and he just ends up hurting bella anyways
and then he goes and decides he likes nessie
which totally gets bella mad
and jacob should just BACK OFF
Did you read the books lady? He was hurt by Bella, she used him even though she knew he was developing feelings for her. Then he didn't decided, he was forced by instinct, he wanted to kill the little monster, then he became a shell of himself. Renesmee should just die!!!


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