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a drawing i did of him


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thankss :)
great drawing!
thank you!!! :)
I like the eyes:)
That is REALLY GOOD!! I love the eyes!!!
omg holy crap thats amazing apsilutily LOVE the eyes!!!!!!! :)
Thanks you guys!
I worked especially hard on the eyes, theyre my favorite part about him :)
Just curious,how did you do the eyes? Did you colour them by using what?
i did them with water color :)
or you could use color pencil....
I dont think it would have this beautiful if you used color pencil. They are great now. They look very very nice now. Kind of unreal also! Well,he himself is unreal!(sighs)
Maybe it would have... i dont know... But yea, they are great how they are

yea i know, it sucks right?? :(


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