The Twilight Saga

Does anyone else dream of Edward Cullen?
Please I need people to say yes because I think I may be going a little crazy.
I also daydream about him often, mostly in maths.
Please tell me any dreams and/or daydreams you've had about him, it would make me feel better.

I'd just like to say that all you guys are amazing and I love you, you've made me feel so.....normal lol.
love you

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daydreams? yes....yes..yes.. like always.
i have pictures and themes in my phone. <3
guilty ..and i'm a 31yr old mother of 2...
Yeah, i dream about him sometimes especially in history. i dream about his hotness and what would have happened if got away from bella and they werent going out. you know, stuff like that. also like i said i dream about his hotness he is so sexy, to me i think he looks way bettter than taylor lautner!
I do dream about him , especially when I'm in the process of reading the books...He just kind of seeps into my brain and saturates it so that there's nothing else I am capable of thinking about!!!
If your going crazy I'm going crazy to because I dream of him a lot. I haven't had a dream in a long time since I was little but now I have been dreaming a lot mostly about Edward if is not about Edward I dream of Robert Pattinson. I also day dream about them.
it is expected that i dream of him every night coz i watched the movies before goin to bed....
yes i do dream abot him all the time
I dont nessecarily dream about him but i guess you can say i daydream about what he would say if he were in diffrent situations. I espeically daydream about emmett and all the funny, retarted things he would say!!!!
Funny how i often dream in math too. Tho sometimes in in social studies......................................

Dont think ur crazy because u dream about him....,..I call ppl crazy when they begin to stalk Edward(Robert Pattz)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I had this dream about Edward Cullen, that came to my school. More than half of the school was away on trips so I ran through my auditorium and jumped on him. I kept hugging him and when the body guards tried to pull me off I wouldn't let go so after like 10 minutes like 5 people came to pry me off him and when I was off I ran through the audtitorim receving high fives from many many people. I woke up wondering why he didn't just pry me off him himself. Best Dream Ever.
I dream about Edward all the time.

you are soo not alone...i daydream about him sometimes...who wouldnt?? =)


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