The Twilight Saga

Does anyone else dream of Edward Cullen?
Please I need people to say yes because I think I may be going a little crazy.
I also daydream about him often, mostly in maths.
Please tell me any dreams and/or daydreams you've had about him, it would make me feel better.

I'd just like to say that all you guys are amazing and I love you, you've made me feel so.....normal lol.
love you

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last night i had a dream that the volturi wants to kill me but edward saves me :)

I dreamed of him last night. I was having sex with him at the back seat of a car!!

hey have you just read twilight?say...month a go?if so then i feel soo bad for ya coz my obbsession with edward lasted about 8 month.sad right? i not only used to dream about him but dream an edward like him.anyway goodluck

love yah too *edited by moderator* i dream about edward cullen /robert pattinson. i mean, how could you not????? he is so handsome, and dreamy, and gorgeous................. i honestly think im going crazy over him. i mostly day dream about meeting him one day and some dreams are that i marry him :D your not alone, my friend :D

hmm i dream of him sometimes but i kinda prefer Major Jasper Whitlock :D

you are so right

Oh Yeah! I dream of Edward/Rob!!!

haha don't worry, Im dreaming abou Edward too !!

and then I cry when I wake up T^T

i do dream abouthim almost every night. glad im not the only one.

how can you not dream about him. can't say i have time to daydream but if i had trhe time to i would. between dance classes school and work i am lucky if i manage to sleep at all. so i do dream of him and finding someone like him for myself. he is way hotter than jacob by far.

same here I always dream of Edward. You're not alone. =D

I have dreams all the time, but the other night I had a dream about Jacob and I woke feeling like a traitor!


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