The Twilight Saga

Does anyone else dream of Edward Cullen?
Please I need people to say yes because I think I may be going a little crazy.
I also daydream about him often, mostly in maths.
Please tell me any dreams and/or daydreams you've had about him, it would make me feel better.

I'd just like to say that all you guys are amazing and I love you, you've made me feel so.....normal lol.
love you

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oh, thank god for that!
you're not alone..............................
I love that dream lol.
I love random dreams, they're the best kind :)
I don't think you're going crazy. I daydream about him too sometimes!
Same here, than God I'm not the only one doing so
I am old and I dream about him too... and so do a few of my friends !! and his pics are on my phone and computer LOL!!!! so if your going crazy I am with ya !!!
If we're going crazy we might as well do it together!
My mum dreams about all the Cullen's as well lol
Me too you r not alone.
lol. i had two dreams about edward when i finished eclipse.
1) all the cullens were turning human again - i got to see edward's emerald green eyes!
2) Edward left Bella, so she went and married Mike. it's a really sad dream, cuz in the end, both Edward and Mike die. =[
lucky! i like the first dream
I dont think your crazy at all. I have night/day dreams about him alllll the time, and the rest of the family two!!!!

Read my fanfiction!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!
yeah i have dreams about him all the time and i daydream about him, my friend and i were on the phone once and they said something about a class mate named james and i was daydreaming and i eneded up screaming at him that james is dead, and another time the same friend was on the phone and we were up late and he fell asleep so i listened, he talked in his sleep and was dreaming about twilight i only knoe becuase he said, "i am edward," in his sleep i just wont let it go now. lol


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