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Hello guys. I have been wondering why do you like Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen? It had always appeared to me that girls liked him for his good looks. Besides that I want to know if you like any other thing about him. I find that he is very caring and loyal, and also believes in true love. very romantic guy. What else do you see in him?

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rpattz: his love for music...its genuine. i mean he may have not came out with albums and whatnot but when you do listen to him sing, you...well, i can feel the emotion hes under for the song. he seems confident, in a shy manner though its quite adorable really. he seems like sweetheart and his love for what he do, well its quite evident in his work. something about his aura says hes one of the few great men left, trustworthy. thats all just from looking at him and not as Edward, but as Robert. i also like him because he seems true to himself his looks, well, thats just a plus. =]

E.C: As Edward, I dont know what to say. yes hes  sweet, loving, caring, compassionate everything we girls should want in a man, but hes fictional. i wish he were real though. its sad when you look into the face of reality, bc we cant hold Edward Cullen here with us in the real world for he will always b a figment of our imagination with a solid appearance thanks to RPattz...

nicely said Kris!!!!  exactly what I had thought .... well I wouldn't know about his music because I can't hear :( but exactly what I thought of him and as of Edward as well.... :)

I agree too.  There has to be someone like E.C. out there thougth, don't you think? minus the vampire part. thougth i wouldn't mind that either!!!! I wouldn't mind being immortal, then I would have time to find someone like him!

Nice reply. I like what you said. Thanks for replying!

I don't like him for his good looks actually. I like him for the same reason you do and because of his personality.

I agree with you, you are absolutely right...Besides he has good looking, he has good personality, so lovable and funny. and don't forget he is so down to earth and very kind and friendly. That's why i liked him very much... :)

he is hot. however its his personality that got me going. plus the way he treats bella and other women is the true reason behind my reasoning.

hmm personality he is loyal and most important thing he is romantic

       Well, I think Robward is AMAZING!!! He's so romantic and caring. Anyone who has seen 'Remember Me' falls for his defensive, witty attitude. He really seems like he cares for Caroline. In the Twilight Saga, Edward is just trying to fight for his soulmate, Bella. Jacob wants to just kill vampires and get Bella's kid (without knowing it yet). Edward is just trying to protect Bella. He loves her. He wouldn't even kill Jacob for Bella. He's just wants her to be happy.

       Robert is just a shy, fun guy. He acts just like his character Tyler Hawkins. I belive he is a kind, sweet guy with GREAT HAIR! Lolz. . . xD  Rob is just a guy who likes to act. His acting skills are incredible. I love him!!!!

<3 <3 <3 ROBWARD FOR LIFE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you all for replying to this discussion. I have to agree with many of you. I would expect to see more great replies on the next discussion I will hopefully write, and I hope you people will reply again. Again, thank you all!

I think that Edward\Rob is not only handsome, but also very romantic, and this side of his is very attractive...

sometimes he looks dangerous and then he is SOOOOOO sexy <3<3

I have to agree with you on that one :D


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