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Hello guys. I have been wondering why do you like Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen? It had always appeared to me that girls liked him for his good looks. Besides that I want to know if you like any other thing about him. I find that he is very caring and loyal, and also believes in true love. very romantic guy. What else do you see in him?

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i agree with you...he not only has good looks but also a good personality and would probably be really fun to just hang out with!

If edward was real...he would be the person i would want to spend the rest of my life with...who wouldnt?/

people on team jacob lol

i don't really like edward.he is okay but he is not real.there is no one like edward in rel life.don't hate.i know that you feel deeply about him but you will get over it.i have being obbssed with edward for 9 month.yep that long and now i realy don't know why!

have you read twilight recently? if so then goodluck.twilight will actualy drive you crazy.thats how good it will be dreaming of edward and will wanna find out EVERYTHING about twilight!

I have read Twilight now for about a year now. I know he's not real, but there is guys out there that acts like him for I have actually met people who are like that. I won't hate you for that, I just wanted to see what peoples perspectives about Edward was. Thanks for you reply. I appreciate it.

That's so true twilight had consumed my entire life since watching the first movie then the second and finally eclipse had me looking for a red box at midnight lol. Then I READ ALL the books omg that made it so much worst! How long can this obsession last. And I freaking love Edward!!!.He's caring and compassionate and an honorable vampire! What more can I ask for........more of him more stories more movies more of the CULLENS!!!

true true!! *edited by mod*

he is pretty honest till it comes to keeping bella safe then he gets sneaky!!! he is VERY intellegent. and has to be a smartass

I love Robs acting abilities..,. He is an amazing singer and piano player!!! He is gorgious which always helps but from his interviews he really cares about what he does which makes for an even better actor... If you go on set loving what you do then you want to potray your character the best you can and Rob nails it everytime he is on set!!!

He is a very caring and humble person. He always has a smile on his face and he is a real romantic.

I like Edward's character.... the way he comes across to me for Bella is just wonderful.  I will type more later.. . my body is aching from all that shoveling.  lol.


Rob is just hilarious lol. When I watch his interviews he is always trying to make a joke and most of the time it's about himself lol. I would love to just have a conversation with him because he seems very intelligent and just a chilled guy. 

I think I fell for him when I first read the books. I saw New Moon before I read any of the books or saw Twilight and I thought he was really cute only because he would be the type I would be with but once I read all of the books I just fell for the person he is sweet, generous, loving, and caring. Always thinking about others above himself.


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