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''no offense'' to all the fans of harry potter 'cause i'm also a fan just love rob better.... for me he is way better because he plays the role of edward cullen in the best way... so much concentration to stay more like a real vampire and it is true that he dazzles so many people when he smiles!!! he is the hottest and most popular celebrity in this generation just like how popular his movie is!!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!

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The thing is though is Rob going to be stereotyped like Daniel Radcliffe is? He will always be Harry Potter & Rob will always be Edward Cullen. But thats the way things go sometimes when you get such a popular book turned into a film.
Same conversation i was having with my coworker... Dan and Rob are most likelly going to always be Harry and Edward.. as in Dakota... she's an easly overgrow her stereotype's becuase she has experience in different type of movies, and her "big break" didnt just last that one movie or generation... she keeps going... she can do from fiction (New Moon) to action (Push) to suspense (Hide and Seek)... well that's my opinion.. hopefully both Dan and Rob can get out of the Harry and Edward stereotypes
not comparing.. just saying my opinion..
well I'm a huge Harry potter fan but I agree Edward's way more charming and all even though harrry is kind of good in some ways


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