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Why doesn't everyone love edward??? He's Bellas Soul Mate!!!

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Don't worry I won't!!! I will always be team Edward!!!
They dnt love Edward bcz they dnt knw wht is love..
I am totally Team Edward, I like Taylor so I understand. But, I can not stand Jacob in the books. UGH.
I jst ths name now..
okayy ive been reading some of the responses from you guys and i think that the reason theyy like him is because of course they think that he was there for bella when edward left but i applaud edward because the only reason he left because he thought bella would be better off without him and the fact that he tried to give his life up when he thought she was dead shows the fact that he loves her and the way that if she did pick jacob he would not stand in the way because thats what she wanted and he only wants her to be safe and happy and thats why i love him because he is so protective but very polite inless you give him a reason not to be and in his own way he is sweet but then again jacob cant just be happy for her that she is happy he has to keep pushing himself to her i no he loves her but even though edward loves her if she picked jacob he would not do what jacob is doing he would just be happy for her even though it would be causing him pain but that is something that jacob could never do because he is kinda selfish and he basically took advantage of her in eclipse because he knew that she would not let him go out and get himself killed on purpose because he is her best friend but that didnt change his mine and that is why Edward is better
P.S i am a fan of both rob and taylor just not of jacob


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