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Sometime i wonder if the end of TWILIGHT we done know. Who will Bella finally choose? Edward or Jacob. I found this question is very interesting...How about you guys? GO TEAM EDWARD.

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I wanted it to be Edward. His first concern was for Bella even it meant giving her up to Jacob. Edward is a true gentleman. Jacob on the other hand forcibly kissed her. Regardless of what Edward or Jacob wanted, Bella wanted Edward.
Emm....that interesting. I found jocob bit of annoying. Always do something really idiot.
That's exactly what I try explaning to my friends!!! <3 Team Edward
That good to fine someone agree with me.

100% agree
Edward =)

Bella wanted Edward. Bella loves Edward !
Edward, Bella. They look so perfect together.
totally agree and I hate Jacob because
Bella chooses to make between him and Edward
edward allll the way! ok obviously she can't be normal or happy without him they r like two halves of a heart u break one u break the other.
totally agree with u. Edward for Bella is like the air she breathe.... Life without Edward make Bella cant breathe at all.....
totally agree!
i know that


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