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edward is a better match for bella no dought

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you are so right
i know i am and so are you
he loves bella more and he can protect her better then jacob can
Jacob is just a kid and he isn't hot!
Edward is better choice for Bella he's more mature and can protect her.
you right and everyone on team jacob knows that they just do not want to admit to it
do you think that if some how bella falls in love with jacob that edward would fight to get her back, i do because edward is just that type of guy
bella will never fall in love with jacob, she doesn't feel the about him the same way she feels about edward her heart jumps out of her chest when edward touches her because she is in love with him but when jacob touches her she feels warmth of a brother even if there was no edward in her life she would have never seen jacob as any thing but a brother a very dear one.
im happy she didn't fall in love with jacob in tht way tho. thank goodness lol but i agree Rana. And I remember on Edward and Bella's first kiss she lost control lol and yes the love for jacob is a different type of love. :]
i agree
totally was love at first sight for Bella and Edward. I was reading on another discussion group about the imprinting that is like love a first sight with your soul mate but stronger so to me, it was as if they imprinted on each other because neither could live without the other. I think is so romantic, sweet and beautiful. Edward is so caring and tender towards her and Jacob is still young an immature. I wonder why Team Jacob fans want them to be together and they never see how bad he is for her because he has not imprinted and when he does what would happen to Bella would be like Sam, Emily and Leah. Poor Leah!
Edward and Bella for ever!!!!!!!!!
you pretty much nailtg it and i totally agree


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