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So in chapter 23 of twilight Edward drinks Bella's blood to save her from James's venom and In theory that should of turned his eyes bright red. However we don't hear any of this in chapter 24 or the epilogue and I think it says that his eyes are still gold/black and they are this in the twilight graphic novel volume 2. Could he possibly be wearing contact lenses not to scare bella?

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maybe he didn't drink enough of Bella's  blood to turn his eyes red.

It was supposed to be mostly venom that he sucked out, probably not enough blood. Although in the movie Carlisle had to tell him to stop, in the book he said he could taste the morphine.

I would think that the venom is carried through on the blood and it was awhile till Ed made up his mind to drink Bella's blood and by that time wouldn't a lot of the blood be circulating through the body? Maybe not, if Bella's hand was only hurting and James really didn't put that much venom in the bite.  

Edward had to pull James off of Bella so maybe there wasn't enough in her blood. Carlisle gave Edward a very short time to suck the venom out. 

Was James deliberately trying to infect Bella or was he trying to drink her blood?

Or was he just biting her to annoy Ed?

In the book he told Bella that he was planning on taking Alice for his own when he found her in the asylum but the old vampire turned her before he had a chance. So he told Bella that when he saw her at the clearing he was surprised. He said that they got Alice but he got her (Bella). He already had Victoria as his mate so I think he just wanted to annoy Edward. He wanted to take her before Edward had a chance to have her. I think if Edward hadn't shown up on time and pulled James off of her he would have probably drank her blood and killed her. After all, it was all about the game, the challenge for him. He didn't want her for himself it was to win the game.

oh yeah, I forgot about the whole game thing , the challenge.

I suppose James did it to prove that he had won the game


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