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edward is the perfect man,the handsome,the principal....but ....jacob is the perfect best friend,and he is handsome too,,,then tell me,,,wich one do you hardly prefer,and why

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TEAM JACOB I prefer a loyal friend next to a bloodsucker anyday!
bloodsucker! nice
Edward. Not based on looks- even though that plays a significant part ; but based upon intellect. Not only is Edward more mature and understanding than Jacob is, he's just a better match . Not all the time doese give Bella the space Jacob would.. but he keeps her grounded- which is exactly what she needs. She was his piece of the puzzle that was missing and if it was ever meant for Jacob and Bella to be together he would have imprinted on her- which, he didn't ! so, that says enough right there. Jacob was a friend- and if they would of made an connection and started going out in New Moon it wouldn't of worked because he would of just been a rebound . So.. what more can I say than...
TEAM |E D W A R D| ♥ =]
edwrad theres so many reasons why hes nicer cooler more protective and he loves her more he was going to get himself killed cus he thought bella was dead jacob wuldnt do tht jaceb is a jerk he stole his 1st kiss from bella and bella even said she loves edward more if she chooses its edward always has been always will and more reasons and edward wont hurt bella
Are you kidding? You're asking that in a group called Team Edward.
And if I'm here, it means I choose Edward over Jacob, no matter what.

and that's just your opinion . I think Jacob is a complete idiot,
that he's an aweful and agressive person - and pretty much a donkey standing next to Edward.
Edward is the best. jacob was nothing but a friend and bella told him this but he wanted what he wanted and be damn what she wanted. He (Jacob) would rather hurt Bella then love her the way that she loves Edward and the way he loves her. I was none of Jacobs business what happened on their honeymoon either he had no right to go to kill Edward and then get upset that he got bella pregnant he didn't have a say in what she wanted or what she had to say. Jacob is to self absorbed do right by Bella and leave her and Edward alone. Edward and Bella are true soulmates and nothing can come between that but Jacob sure tried out of nothing but selfish reasons

Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinions! I fell in love with Edward in Twilight, even more down the road throughout of New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. He doesn't force Bella to choose Jacob or him.... He just simply said, "If you want him I will stand by and love you on the sideline" (not exact quote I know but close enough).... He loved her for who she is and he had a lot of compassion. He knew that Bella loved Jacob where he was willing to let her see him even though Jacob was temperamental where he could hurt Bella. He and Bella were puzzles of eachother. I mean they fit... Jacob and Bella didn't. Jacob only was worried about his own happiness. I mean, he didn't even think about Bella's happiness becuase if he did then he would have realized that she was happier with Edward and let her go. Edward did that, but Jacob didn't. So that spoke ALOT of volume of who is better....

I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I felt that the novels spoke alot about how Edward and Bella were perfect for eachother and how Jacob's and Edward's love for Bella were so different, yet Edward is perfect. I hope you all understand what I am trying to say.
obviously edward!!!!!! he loves her so much..................... jacob's love is only half of edward's love
he can also give his lyf 4 her
remember in Newmoon??????????
hw he was gonna die when he knew dat bella is dead!!!!
This ques is really hard bt see
oops its really hrd
bt still my VOTE IS 4 EDWARD
EDWARD ! EDWARD ! EDWARD !...............................................!LOLZZZ
Edward! He is caring and protecting and truly loves Bella... He will give her what she wants even if what she wants isn't him... Jacob isn't as caring but is protecting and you can tell he loves Bella... He isn't willing to give up on her even though she doesn't want him like he wants her... I think I would like Jacob more if he was willing to be hre Best Friend and nothing more... He is so young and doesn't understand that what Bella and Edward have is rare and special...Bella didn't choose Edward it just happened.... They in the words of Jacob... Imprinted on each other!
i guess u r rite XO
and i lykd ur dscription of IMPRINTING
it nice ........................................!lolzz
no dout


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