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Does Edward look better when he's playing "edward" in the movie, or when he's in his natural clothes and no make-up??

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Replies to This Discussion would there be and edward if rob wasnt already so damn sexy!!
hes a bit hotter as edward but over all he is still really hot vampire or human
yessss.. I agree ^o^
both really hot
hahah Edward is fictional character so he cant be playing himself now thats obvious now Robert Pattinson plays Edward and i adore R Pattz dorky funny lovable sarcastic, normal, human, sexy sex hair, blue gray eyes with a tint of green british self.
i dont knw its hard i love them both!!!
personnaly I prefer the hot brooding vampire we get In twilight and on a another subject who threw the book at the wall when Edward was leaving bella in newmoon cuz I did
i didnt throw the book...i just refused to read the rest for acouple of hours... its so hard to hate him!!!
same here.... I really like R.Patz but I just adore Edward.. ^o^
more like i almost ripped out the page!
He's hot both ways!Sure there are some shots as both Edward and Rob that aren't the best, but no one's perfect!
i love Taylor over Robert.....but not Jacob over ya get wat i mean...?


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