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bella is a selfish godd fr nothing bleep who hurts everyone around her and only feels sorry for herself, she belongs with no one because that is what she gets because she only thinks of one person on the other hand Edward is a nice compationate person who loves the bella or thing that feeds on his compation love and care for her. and jacobe 2 pionts better that bella


if you agree graet if not you suck!

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i suck then because i dont agree with you hahahahahaha she does eventually fix things because she cant really stay mad at someone she doesnt have a non-forgiving nature
That is a very rude thing to say! "If you agree great if not you suck" That is not a nice thing to say ecpecially here on a Team Edward page. We love Edward and we love Bella because she loves Edward and is with him. She is carring person. She doesn't like loving both Jacob and Edward because she knows that it hurts them. Bella is forgiving to Edward when he leaves her and forgives Jacob when he imprints on Nessie. She is a very forgiving person and caring!
ooooh somebody sounds bitter! Maybe you should write on a 'Vampire's Suck' forum rather than pissing off Bella fans here!
Wouldn't get the same reaction for you though would it?? I hope you enjoy disappointment! hahaha
lol... "I hope you enjoy disappointment" PERFECT!!!!
lol..:) :) thanx XOEdwardXO!!!
If you don't like Bella, it's fine but you should however remember that most people in this site like Bella and Edward together. Everyone has his/her own opinion but you can't tell someone he sucks just because he doesn't agree with you. That was very mean of you to say something like that.
This site is for fans not for haters!!

perfect and ur right she is only human
oh ok then i suck...Yippee >=[
Well i suck a lot then because i don't think Jacob is 2 points better than Bella. If you recall in the books it said that Jacob knew that it caused Bella pain to see him hurting so he just basically played with her feelings and wanted her to hurt for him. I mean come on the only time i ever really liked Jacob was in Breaking Dawn when he stopped trying to break them up. Also, another thing, if Bella is such a bad person then why does it practically rip her heart out whenever she knows somebody she loves is hurting? She even felt terrible for making Edward sit out in the battle with the newborn army, she hated bringing up that time that Edward left her cuz she knew it would hurt him. She even calls herself a monster and i mean how many bad ppl call themselves that? Bella is a kind hearted person and you should know better than to say bad things about her on this discussion. Bella and Edward are meant to be together and thats the way it's gonna be and if you don't like it, then that's just too bad.
that's totally true
you my friend are VERY rude but you make me laugh!
that is a very rode thing to say.sorry to say this but it sounds like you're jealous of her.and this shouldn't have been posted here.


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