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Is it just me who found their contacts in NM just a little too yellow/gold? I thought Edward's eyes when they were gold in Twilight were just right, and then in NM I just kept noticing it with all of them, Edward, Alice... etc, that their eyes were kind of over the top. Maybe just me.... it did kind of bug me a bit. And at one point, Edward's eyes were gold when they totally should have been dark. I've only watched it once so I can't say exactly when that was, but did anyone else notice that stuff? I absolutely LOVED everything else about his look in NM though, overall loved the movie!!

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You are right. I also thought that the eyes were over bright. I prefered the eyes in NM.
me too, their eyes were to light was a little wierd...and much more noticeable than the golden butter scotch they had in Twilight...
yeah ur right Twilight their contacts were great. NM not so kool it looked weird
yeah in NM their eyes were odd, and what has happened to jasper he looked weird in NM as well, and i noticed his southern accent for the first time in this film as well, but continuity hasnt been these films strong point,

dont get me started on the continuity in Twilight!
I liked his eyes in twilight but when it came to the bad vampires I liked their eyes better in new moon it seemed more realistic that way i guess.
Yes thats what I thought too for the bad ones.
Dude! I totally noticed that. The ones in Twilight were wayyyyyyyyyyy better they were perfect. The ones in New Moon were off they were too alien looking.
they need to switch back to the golden contacts they used in twilight. they looked more natural than in new moon; in NM they looked a little too kind of fake and alien looking. ;D
NEW MOON eyes!! its because they were more ready to do that movie.
well Jasper did look kinda weird.
Agree completely, not just with the eye color, but the makeup was off too!
yea their contacts were to much n so was the whiteness of thier skin... they shoulda kept it the same but i guess cuz they had more money this movie that they wanted to over do everything... that is hollywood for ya!!


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